Where your fly fishing trip becomes an experience!

What we offer you

Fly Fishing Guidings

We offer a variety of waters and environments that are great for fly fishing. This goes from the central landscape, various upland regions to alpine landscapes. There is definitely something for you. We do everything we can to make your trip an experience.

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Fly Fishing Courses

Would you like to learn all about fly fishing?

  • Flies/Salmon fly tying?
  • Casting training?
  • Tips & tricks like where is the fish?

Then you have come to the right place! We provide you with the knowledge you need under expert guidance.

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Our passion - Fly Fishing


personal description:

  • certified EFFA Guide
  • Group leader at Pukka Destinations
  • EFFA fly fishing department
  • Salmon fly tier
  • Fishpond, Abelreels & Rossreels Proguide

Remo introduces Marc:

Marc grew up in the Bernese Seeland and developed an enthusiasm for fishing at an early age. His father's ambition as a fly fisher... read more:


personal description:

  • certified EFFA Guide
  • Group leader at Pukka Destinations
  • fly tier
  • Arctic Silver Ambassador
  • Fishpond & Howler Bros Proguide
  • Host of the Flyfishing Club Zurich events

Marc introduces remo:

As so often, the fishing career begins in childhood. Remo's father took him early on the first trips to inject the virus.... read more:


personal description:

  • Show tyer at various fairs
  • Professional fly tyer
  • Longtime passion in fly fishing
  • Flyfishing-Switzerland Mobile Host
  • Member Flyfishing Club Zurich
  • Member EFFA

Vince introduces himself:

For over 40 years I have been fascinated and accompanied by fly fishing. In all these years I have spent a lot of time on the rivers, lakes and... read more:

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