How we became, who we are

Marc André Laubscher

personal description:

  • Certified EFFA Guide
  • Group leader at Pukka Destinations
  • EFFA fly fishing department
  • Salmon fly tier
  • Fishpond, Abelreels & Rossreels Proguide

Remo introduces Marc:

Marc grew up in the Bernese Seeland and developed an enthusiasm for fishing at an early age.

The ambitions of his father as a fly fisherman, the excursions with the local professional fishermen, the participation in spawning fishing, the maintenance and care of the water at various clubs are examples that have shaped his commitment and interest.

The trained chef & part-time fisherman has been fishing with his self-tied fly patterns for a decade now.

During this time, he was able to acquire entomological expertise in an audio-didactic manner and can pass it on methodically through his experience.

As a member of the EFFA, Marc has passed the fly fishing guide exam, knows the principles of safety, has fished many international destinations in the far north & is now a member of the EFFA Flyfishing Department.

He feels at home on the waters in the cantons of Bern & Jura & leads his guests to secluded spots with the dry fly or the nymph to the hoped-for fish.

Languages: German, English

Remo Bianchi

personal description:

  • Certified EFFA Guide
  • Group leader at Pukka Destinations
  • Fly tier
  • Arctic Silver Ambassador
  • Fishpond & Howler Bros Proguide
  • Host of the Flyfishing Club Zurich events

Marc introduces remo:

As so often, the fishing career begins in childhood. Remo's father took him early on the first trips to inject him with the virus and to give him the necessary tools. Native to the Zurich Oberland, he hunted for the fat fin carriers on the local streams.

Over the years, Remo made a name for itself with various throwing and tying courses: “You never learned to fly-fly,” is how the trained telematist titled his passion. In 2019 came the EFFA Guide certification. His international experience ranges from the Caribbean to the far north.

Remo combines many years of knowledge with his ambition for outdoor survival & bushcraft. With the hammock and the tent in the backpack, he guarantees a «maximum switch-off & nature experience»

As an Arctic Silver Ambassador in Switzerland, Remo is demonstrating the unique free-flex system of the rods.

Languages: German, English

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